Welcome to Paragon Auto Finishing

We are based in Sussex and offer a professional vehicle valeting and detailing service that is hard to beat, yet reasonably priced. We specialise in paint correction and enhancement (often referred to as machine polishing), and offer paint deep cleansing, minor defect correction, and surface treatment and protection.

We offer a full valeting and detailing service, so whether you just want your vehicle washed, fully prepared for the show season, or anything in between, we can help.

If you are thinking of selling your car, any of our detailing services will help to make your car stand out from the crowd, increasing the selling price and maximising your sales potential.

Although the service is generally best carried out at our secure workshop, we can also come to you at your home, as long as you have a suitable area for us to work on your car. We cover Sussex and the South East.

Valeting or detailing?

Valeting is more than just a quick clean, at Paragon we strongly believe that the finer details make all the difference, and carry some of our detailing experience over to our valeting service, ensuring you will be as pleased with the results as we are.

Detailing takes cleaning to the next level. While a valet can take from a few hours to nearly a day, detailing can take several days to complete.

Depending on the severity of the defect, detailing will remove, or improve the appearance of, cob-webbing, swirl marks, light scuffs and scratches, holograms, hazing and contamination. Whilst deep and severe defects cannot be dealt with, most of the common ones can improved by careful correction, something we at Paragon specialise in.

Why choose a 'machine polishing' service?

Paint Correction by hand on modern car paints is not only hard work, but is only really effective on very minor surface defects, and even less so on the harder paints often used by some German manufacturers. This is because modern compounds contain diminishing abrasives - the abrasive particles get smaller and smaller as they are worked, and thus give a better finish the harder they are worked.

Unless you can work at very high speeds, working by hand cannot work the abrasives hard enough to break them down fully, and so you cannot achieve the great results that the product is capable of.

Paint correction, often called machine polishing, has the advantage of being able to work the abrasive particles at high speed, and will allow the products to work at their full potential - and give the very best results, in both the depth of shine and lustre of finish.

Machine polishing is really a misnomer. Although polish is used with the machine, a true polish is not really an abrasive used for paint correction. The polishes we use are a blend of fine oils and polymers, designed to feed the paint, enhance the shine, and prepare the paint for a better application of a sealant or wax. Compounds are used prior to the polish, with varying levels of abrasives, to correct faults such as swirl marks, scratches etc.

In both our exterior detailing services, we use a machine polisher to achieve the best results, and the best finish. We also use some of the finest tried and tested products - brands used include Meguiar’s, Kleers, Swissvax, Chemical Guys, RaceGlaze, Autoglym, Dodo Juice, Glimour and 3M.

What can we offer?

Our service is bespoke to your requirements, so whether you want an all round tidy up for your family hatchback, or a full preparation of your supercar ready for the show season, or vice versa, we can help. If you only have a small area that needs attention, we are happy to address a single panel or single area of the car.