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Nanolex Wheel Cleaner

Tested the Nanolex wheel cleaner. It is a cleaner and iron remover in one, which sounds like a good idea to me, cutting out the second step.

I tried it on the Civic wheels, which are in pretty poor shape. A quick spray of the Nanolex was enough to coat the wheel, and the product clings well. I gave it a dwell time of about 5 minutes, during which time the red colour appeared as it reacted with the metals. It smells, and works, similar to Valet Pro Dragon’s Breath…so do it outdoors!

These pics show the wheel before, during, and after…I didn’t scrub the wheel, but I did give it a light brushing to move the product around before I rinsed it off.

I’d say it works really well, and while a few applications would be necessary to clean these wheels, that can be said for most wheel cleaners. Nanolex will stay in my “go to” pile.